Which dinosaur has 500 teeth? And All The Information About It.

The answer to the question: What kind of dinosaur has 500 teeth can be described as Niger lizard. The Niger Lizard is one of the species of dinosaurs that lived in that Early Cretaceous period, some between 121 and 99 million years ago.

It is believed that the Nigersaurus was a dinosaur that ate herbivores with more than 500 teeth. This rare creature walked on four legs, and its diet was primarily composed of plants, just like the majority of other sauropods in the past. Other genera that are notable are Brachiosaurus (largeSM) along Diplodocus This animal could be an ideal option for paleontologists looking for new information about a species!

Sauropods were huge animals that were found in the Jurassic time period. They were about 15 meters (30 feet) and weighed up to 4-5 tons. In comparison, an African elephant’s weight of approximately 4 tons!


According to paleontologist Paul Sereno, Nigersaurus was called “the “Mesozoic cow”. This unique sauropod, with a long neck and tail that resembles the trunk of an elephant laid out on its body like brown hay to prevent decay between meals!

Teeth Of Nigersaurus

 The teeth that numbered over 500 of the Nigersaurus were the main characteristic of the Nigersaurus. The herbivore is believed to have hunted for food in the present-day Sahara desert and collected it using big mouths and a wide snout. It also served to act as an intake device at the top of which all food items could be taken up from below. Paleontologist Paul Sereno likened their face-vacuum cleaner appearance!

Nigersaurus Size

 The Nigersaurus was a relative to the Brachiosaurus and the Diplodocus ( gigantic) measured 30 feet in length. The sauropod dinosaurs were believed to weigh around 4-5 tons similar to modern African Elephants, however with more frills on their necks that could have been used for mating or social interaction, among other things. The creature would be an intriguing addition if it were to be found now!

Facts About Nigersaurus- Our Top Five Picks


1. Longer Neck

 The largest and most notable characteristic of the sauropods includes their necks. Certain members have been reported to reach 15 meters that’s six times larger than the associated with giraffes!

2. Known As ‘Niger Lizard’

 The Nigerosaurus refers to the ‘Niger lizard or a ‘Niger reptile. It’s primarily because of the fossilized remains of its that were discovered in the current Republic of Niger.

3. Nigersaurus babies’ discovery

 Paleontologist Paul Sereno discovered a baby Nigersaurus in West Africa, it was the first time one had found a complete Nigersaurus in its entirety. The 40 feet tall fully grown adults are frequently seen, however, this particular jaw was just 1/3 of their total length- 30 inches as compared to the 12-foot range for the majority of heavy-bodied dinosaurs.

4. Eat Only Plants

 The Nigersaurus is one of the sauropod species with distinctive characteristics like its huge size and its long neck. It also sits on four legs as other members in the group, but it has an herbivore eating habit (plant-eater).

5. Debate of Posture

 It is believed that the Nigersaurus was a fascinating creature that scientists have been trying to understand for many years. It is speculated that it might frequently slouch or raise its head up high, however certain experts believe this is due to the complexity of these ancient animals and how they utilized their skulls to gain an advantage when hunting their prey.

Which dinosaur has the highest number of teeth?

 What dinosaur has 500 teeth? The named Nigersaurus. It’s an impressive dinosaur with more than 500 serrated teeth however, it is not as impressive in the category of the dinosaur with the highest number of teeth. Hadrosaurs have been believed to have 1400 strong canines and molars Their dentition was more intricate than that of any living creature today!

Who could forget the Nigersaurus? The creature has the teeth of 500 and has been classified as also a sauropod. It might not have the variety of mouths or jaws as other dinosaurs but this strange creature is still able to get people talking about its unique appearance compared to other dinosaurs belonging to its species (genus-group).

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