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Yanet Garcia (The Weather Girl) Controversy On Social Networks

The life of Yanet Garcia And the known for being “the weather girl “In the program today It transformed dramatically in several months. The stunning presenter quit the Televisa forums and forecasts for the weather to concentrate on her fitness routine however, after helping her mother attain her health goals, she chooses to start a new job: Health Coach Now and also a controversial account with the hashtag OnlyFans.

“Hey, Hey, I’m Yanet Garcia and invite you to watch my exclusive content on Onlyfans”, The model posted in her latest Instagram post. In addition, she posted an exercise video that showed her routines, splinters similar to The Weather Girl, and some of her work as an actor.

At present, his 310,000 ads have garnered him 599 likes and comments from his followers. “It’s the best day of my life,” one user commented upon learning that Garcia had his own personal content account. On the other hand, Garcia also faced criticism since some internet users believed that he was already been taught “everything” without just having to pay fans.

However, the young lady, who relocated to the United States in January in the search of new opportunities as well as for a closer relationship with her lover Louis Howe, decided to improve her skills and get certified in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

The Mexican method He does not just offer advice based on his experiences but also based on the knowledge he acquired through his classes. It’s an internationally renowned North American institution, licensed by the New York State Department of Education.

The story was aired via the video she posted via her Instagram account, where she was viewed as extremely happy and tearful. She was willing to take on the challenge she chose to accept with the goal to improve her life as well as the lives of those who surround her. You are now betting on sexual content.

OnlyFans is, however, been a controversial site because it includes online material, has turned into an income source for a lot of people, especially women who have seen the potential of profiting from the sales of sexually explicit videos and images due to the economic loss caused at the end of sexual assault.

However, the OnlyFans phenomenon isn’t new or exclusive to the time of the pandemic. contrary, it’s been boiling for a long time until the point where adult media generators, as well as generators, have been using these platforms until they came across OnlyFans to be their top choice to share their car activities.

The platform itself was launched in 2016and, contrary to what many believe, it was not created to host adult content. Instead, it was originally designed with the intention for creators such as YouTubers or influencers that wanted to provide high-quality content using an underlying subscription model which other platforms like Patreon had been doing since three years ago.

But more specifically the “exclusive access” to the content, the control that the individual holds over his or her interactions, and “freedom” to download whatever you like without the restrictions of the most well-known networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter This was an element of the appeal. it to begin uploading pornographic and sexual content, which is the primary image of the platform in today’s times.

The popularity of OnlyFans has grown as a number of the most well-known site for actresses, singers and actors have created accounts and musical groups have found a suitable location to discover new markets. It has been one of the most searched for terms in Google in countries such as Spain, Chile, or Colombia The site has also been a popular meme on other social networks.

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