Tips for Choosing a Good Snowboard


To enjoy a great snowboarding experience, choosing the right snowboard is imperative. A wrong one can make it extremely challenging for the snowboarder to stabilize themselves. So, it’s essential to select a board that does what you want it to do. Today, you can find a lot of information about the kind of snowboard you should choose. However, sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming to process all of it. Thus, it becomes even more difficult to pick the right snowboard. Today, you can find snowboards from some of the best brands online like Burton, Bent Metal, Bataleon, and DC at competitive prices. You can get them at prices like $599.99 and $929.99. Below are some essential points to note when buying a quality snowboard.

Know About the Different Types of Boards

A snowboard is present in various types in the market. You should buy one which makes the most sense for you.

  • Freestyle board – Freestyle boards are for those who like to do tricks across the mountains. You can use them as urban boards, and they are built for quick maneuvering while performing tricks. They are good for any level of rider.
  • All-mountain board – It is built for cruising through powder. The board is designed to catch air in the park. You can use them for gardens, trees, jumps, and side hits. They are ideal for new riders who desire to attain the intermediate level.
  • Freeride board – This board is for deeps, steeps, and trees. They are for going forward, down the hill, or mountain. For riders who love freshly groomed slopes, a freeride board is perfect.

Find the Right Size of Snowboard.

Your snowboard’s length can differ according to the kind of riding you want to do and your body weight. You also need to consider things like the construction of the board and your snowboarding ability level. If you want to primarily free ride, aim to get a slightly longer snowboard. It will give you more speed and stability. But if you want a freestyle snowboard, opt for a smaller-sized board. It’s because such a snowboard is easier to maneuver and spin. However, you should also not ignore your personal preference while deciding on the length of the board.

Look at the Material of the Board

The material from which a snowboard is made impacts its performance. It can be made from a base, carbon fibre, fibreglass, or wood core. All of them have their advantages. Baseboards are durable, stronger, and faster. Carbon fibre boards have flex and pop. They are perfect for stability and press-ability. Fibreglass boards are lightweight and strong.

Wood core boards are also strong and lightweight. You can find snowboards made of dual-species wood core filled with pop and changes between soft and hardwoods to minimise weight without restricting performance. They have engineered wood grain placed along the heel edges and toe on two constant zones at right angle to the core. It allows for more response, strength, and edge-hold.

Know About The Taper 

Taper implies the difference between the width of the tail and the tip of the board. It changes according to the way your snowboard floats in powder. More taper makes your board’s tip float better. It does it by driving down the trail. It also assists in turning. The narrower tail makes it quite easy to roll or brush around from edge to edge. A low-profile tail and tip minimise the plowing effect. On the other hand, a blunted tip minimises wing weight while you are turning.

Remember these points to choose a quality snowboard for yourself. They will guide you in exploring the most suitable boards for your skill level.

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