Why Do People Prefer a Home Doctor Over Going to the Hospital?

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Health is something people won’t compromise on. That’s why time and treatment period matter. When you are at a hospital, you realise how difficult it is to get your bills paid, register for outpatient treatment, get an appointment from the receptionist, wait in a queue for hours, etc. But, there’s no other option than to do these things to consult your doctor, or is there an option?

It is easy to find a home doctor in Perth; you need to start asking your friends or searching online for great professionals. You can call a home GP (General Practitioner) or home doctor who will be available for your checkup and diagnosis.

Perth has a robust healthcare system, and the most prominent healthcare centre in Perth is the Royal Perth Hospital. People prefer this hospital when they need major surgery or treatment. Other reputed hospitals are South Perth Hospital, Mount Hospital, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Osbournejonh, etc.

With the increasing viral, respiratory and heart disease cases, the hospitals are getting crowded. This is one more reason people’s preference shifted to home doctors for consulting. You can find more reasons for the increase in home doctor consultations by reading the rest of the article.

Reasons why home doctors are preferred over hospital visits:

Availability does matter

This one is a major reason, as mentioned earlier in the article. People don’t want to wait hours in a queue to talk to the doctor for a few minutes. When you need a thorough discussion or explanation and checkup to analyse your disease, you need to spend more time with the doctor. For this, you need an after-hours home GP (general practitioner) or a home doctor.

This way, the home doctor in Perth can take the required time to talk to the patient and attend to emergencies. This option is best for older adults, as they cannot travel or wait for hours outside the doctor’s office.

Time saver

Waiting is not a favourite pastime for anyone, so you need to book an appointment when you choose the home doctor. The doctor will come and do the necessary checkup and give you the medication. Timely treatment is essential for older adults; hence, waiting for hours in a hospital is not suitable.


Everyone has a special or favourite doctor who can understand them and their medical past, and if you try to meet them in the hospital, you may not be able to do that, as when the crowd increases, the receptionist may direct you to another doctor. But, you can opt for the home doctor. Consulting with the same doctor is the best way to understand the issue and start working on improving your health.

Perth, the city of Western Australia, has an excellent healthcare system with around 80 hospitals. These hospitals are enough to offer healthcare services to over 2.5 million people, which is the city’s population. The doctors here also offer home consultations.


The greatness of a doctor is not based on how much they learn or earn; it’s how they respond to patients. Suppose you consult a doctor in a hospital who doesn’t have time for a deep checkup and analysis of your health and help you with everything else in life (diet/exercise/medication); you must switch to a home doctor.

Home doctors are great for keeping the patients healthy and happy. They have more time to spend with the patient, talking to them and wishing them good health. This is what patients want, and only home doctors can provide the needed services.

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