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Ways To Make Your Eyebrows Look Fuller 


Skinny brows were the popular choice in the 90s, and many celebrities or style icons were seen flaunting their look with thin eyebrows. However, the current trend is all about having bold brows. At least for half a decade, the bold looks have been going places, and celebrities consider having more prominent, natural-looking brows.

If you have gone through yesteryear’s brow trends, you have several ways to enhance your eyebrows. For instance, people are now using micro-blading, brow lamination and other trends to make their eyebrows look fuller. No matter how thin or over-tweezed your eyebrows are, here are some best ways to have bigger eyebrows.

Consult A Professional 

A professional can provide complete assistance in growing your eyebrows. Find a certified beautician who has experience designing the ideal shape of eyebrows. You will find experts skilled in brow waxing, but an expert should know how to bring in the perfect shape of brows by evaluating your bone structure.

Ensure you avoid plucking, waxing or picking for a minimum of two months before visiting a beautician. It would be better to avoid touching the brows before the consultation. Professionals will help you find the best approach to make your eyebrows look fuller.

Utilize A Brow Pencil

If you need a polished look, accentuate your eyebrows with the brow pencil, and they last longer than powder. Using tweezers is helpful to remove your hair, but eyebrow pencils are the best to fill gaps in your brows and redefining your eyebrow shape can be effortless with the help of brow pencils.

You will have different types of stencils, which allows you to increase the thickness and redesign your brow as per your desires. When choosing the brow pencil colour, consider the natural shade of your eyebrow hair.

First off, begin with a small amount before intensifying the eyebrows’ look. Remember, eyebrows are the most important facial feature, and you should be very cautious while altering or redefining the shape of your brows.

Consider A Brow Powder

Brow powder can be the next best thing to elevate your eyebrows and gives a perfect definition. Brow pencils can make your eyebrows alluring, while powders enhance the intensity and volume.

For beginners, powders are ideal as it helps you start with simple strokes. Ensure that you have an angled brush and invest in waterproof products to keep your eyebrows perfect throughout the day. In the end, you can add brow gel to groom some unruly brows.

Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is an excellent choice for people looking for permanent solutions. Though it lasts for a few weeks, you don’t have to wake up every morning and utilize all the time in the world to make your eyebrows look fuller.

Whether you use a brow pencil, gel or powder, it will take much of your time and only assures a temporary change. Above all, people will quickly notice the redesigned brows and sometimes, they look artificial.

On the other hand, when you choose lamination, you can naturally have fuller brows for a while. Also known as a brow lift or brow sculpt, this treatment assures natural-looking eyebrows with a more defined style. Professionals will utilize a chemical solution to straighten and lift the hairs, allowing people to get the desired shape.

Wrapping up

You can consider any of the above-specified approaches to make your eyes look fuller. Whether it is brow pencil or the recent eyebrow trend, ensure you consult a professional for the best approach that suits your needs.

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