If you’ve ever wanted to watch professional wrestling, then you’ve probably heard about Trackwrestling. In fact, it’s the official scoring system for more than 8,500 wrestling events every year. In addition, Trackwrestling is the official event management system of the National Wrestling Coaches Association, and their services are used in the scoring and live streaming of over 35 state high school tournaments. If you’re interested in learning more about trackwrestling, then this article is for you.


The Trackwrestling site provides a customized experience to both wrestling fans and coaches. You can create a myTRACK account and create a personalized browsing experience based on your state and recent activities. This account will also give you access to your favorites and recently viewed tournaments and profiles. The site will also provide you with instant mat assignment information and results. The site also allows you to track rankings and follow wrestlers to see how they’re progressing in their careers.

Once you’ve created a membership with Trackwrestling, you can pre-register athletes online, set up text alerts, and customize special fields for your athletes. You can also choose whether to collect payment at the event or online. This system also allows you to control the division, weight class, and cutoff time for a particular wrestler or event. You can also list multiple athletes from your club, making the registration process easier.

Ranking System

A ranking system for Trackwrestling teams is based on the performance of wrestlers over the past 365 days. The placement in each bracket is averaged, with tougher events weighted more heavily than smaller events. Wrestlers’ wins and losses are included, and their percentile values are combined and weighted to determine a final number for each category. The highest ranked wrestlers earn 20 points, while the lowest placed wrestlers earn 16 or less.

To access the full state rankings for Trackwrestling, subscribers can subscribe to RankWrestlers. The ranking information is compiled by TrackWrestling, and matches are archived on this website. Users can also view a video tutorial and brief explanation of how the rankings are calculated. This tool is an excellent resource for wrestling fans. There are many benefits to becoming a Trackwrestling member. Once you are a member, you can access all the rankings of your state, including the world championships.

The Trackwrestling website also contains event management systems for high school and college wrestlers. These systems are official scoring systems for more than ten thousand wrestling events each year. Trackwrestling serves as the official scoring system for NCAA Division I, II, and III championships and more than 40 state high school wrestling tournaments. Additionally, Trackwrestling will soon release a mobile app for iOS and Android users. It’s easy to find and register for matches with Trackwrestling.

The rankings are calculated based on the performance scores of the wrestlers. Wrestlers earn maximum points and minimum points, which depends on their placement in the bracket. The Performance Scores are averaged, and competitions in the middle or top level earn points toward ranking. The Rankings are published every two years and are updated annually. Once an athlete has accumulated enough Performance Scores, they can enter the next edition of the Rankings.

Live Streaming

If you have a passion for wrestling, you might want to watch track matches live. Trackwrestling has partnered with NFHS Network to bring state high school tournaments to the public via live streaming. Beginning January and continuing through February and March, you can view all of the action in one place. The competition will be archived and available to watch on-demand. To get more information about the track wrestling competition, check out the following links.

The track wrestling channel on Trackcast is a great way for fans to follow a specific team. A subscription to Trackcast allows fans to watch all mats of an event. You can also subscribe to different channel packages to watch individual matches or an entire tournament or conference. Once subscribed, you can cancel at any time. You can also watch the archived videos of past events. By subscribing to Trackcast, you can watch live or on-demand matches of your favorite wrestlers.

The Trackcast platform provides an excellent solution for live streaming and scoring track wrestling events. Using this platform, you can incorporate video overlays containing event and match information, so the viewer can follow the action as it unfolds. The Trackcast platform empowers athletes, teams, and event directors with the tools they need to create a high-quality stream of the events. With live and archived content, you can share the results of the competition with fans.

Online Scoring

If you’re a fan of track wrestling, you’ve probably heard of the new Trackwrestling system. This site offers a unique user experience for wrestlers, coaches, and tournament organizers. Create a “myTRACK” account and customize your browsing experience based on your recent activity and state. You can also lock-in favorite wrestlers and tournaments to quickly find their results. Trackwrestling also provides live streaming and archived video services.

A major plus of online scoring for track wrestling is that it can be done from a single computer. All you need is a laptop to connect to the internet and a video camera, and you can stream the competition from any location. With a live ticker in the video overlay, you can change it to display different information. The software also allows you to choose what platform you want the streams sent to. You can send them to the same platform or to a different one depending on the platform.

The software is easy to use and has a “Help” link to guide you through the process. The system also includes written instructions. You can also watch training videos provided by Trackwrestling. You can view these by clicking on the video. Then, you can choose which wrestlers will score for your team. Online scoring for track wrestling has a lot of benefits for wrestling organizers. You can easily manage your team’s roster, track its progress, and save results.

Once you have registered, you can start scoring. You can choose between dual meets and individual tournaments. Choose which wrestlers you’d like to score, and enter their name in the Live Scorebook. The results are in a left-hand menu, so you can see who’s done what in each bout. After the tournament, you can print out the rosters of the wrestlers, if desired. You can even change your username and password at any time.

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