Practical Uses of Acetylene Gas

Acetylene Gas

Acetylene is a colorless gas manufactured by splitting hydrogen gas with a piece of graphite. It is frequently used in industries that require the use of solid light. It is produced in acetylene production facilities for a variety of industries as well as for commercial uses.

Due to its unique characteristics, oxy acetylene gas is incredibly valuable in various applications and industries. The primary purpose of acetylene production is chemical synthesis. Welding and cutting are the second most frequent uses of acetylene.

The chemical form of acetylene gas is CH3. The gas itself is flammable. However, it is mixed with other elements to be safe to use. The most common additives are cotton and rubber.

Acetylene gas is used to burn things. It is used more commonly in industries that require fire. Here are some practical uses of acetylene gas.


The gas is used to burn film and paper. The gas is mixed with water, sand, or iron filings to create a “flare.” These flares are used to darken or harden a scene.


Acetylene gas is used to burn foam to create fireworks. Chlorine is clubbed with acetylene and filled with water. When these two gases collide, massive corrosion and fireworks are formed.

Steel Work

Acetylene gas is used to burn steel. The gas is mixed with a carbon mixture to create “blue steel.” This steel is heat treated to create steel that has a rugged, blue finish.

Gas Lines

Oxy Acetylene gas is used to burn plastics. The gas is mixed with a sulfuric compound to create a flame that burns at high temperatures. This flame is used to heat plastics to over 1200°C. This melts the plastic and forms a paste that can be remolded.

The Heat of the Gas

Acetylene gas is a hazardous gas. In fact, The gas is hazardous because it combines with oxygen and is highly flammable. Acetylene gas is dangerous to humans and can cause burns and other injuries. People handling this gas should be careful around it and if they do not have a high tolerance to the gas are very susceptible to injuries.


  • Correct precautions should be taken when handling this gas. Acetylene gas is highly flammable. These properties mean that people should not wear anything flammable. People who are wearing flammable clothes have their clothes singe when they come into contact with the gas. Even shoes can burn.
  • The gas is also dangerous to water. When acetylene gas comes in contact with water, the gas forms what is called “acetylene oxide.” Acetylene oxide is very toxic. The gas can cause burns to the skin, eyes, and mouth.
  • The gas is flammable even when it is cooled. The gas is cooled by breathing air. When acetylene gas is breathed in, it combines with oxygen and forms acetylene oxide. Acetylene oxide is very toxic and can cause burns to the eyes, skin, and mouth.
  • The gas is hazardous when used around the fire. The gas is mixed with other elements to create a flare and can be used to ignite a match.
  • The gas can burn extremely quickly. The gas can burn at 1200°C. The gas is intense and can cause severe burns to the skin.

To sum up, the practical uses of acetylene gas range from photography to welding. However, one needs to be extremely careful while handling this gas because it is corrosive and can cause burns.

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