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Must Have WordPress Instagram Widget Plugins For Your Website

Instagram Widget

Instagram is known for the engaging features that it offers to its audience. Instagram is so widely loved that you will find more than half the world here.

We all have often found ourselves scrolling through Instagram, procrastinating, and forgetting about the everyday hassles. Well, that’s the captivating impact Instagram holds on us.

If you are a WordPress website owner, wouldn’t you want to have the same kind of impact on your website visitors? Well, there is a strategy to make that happen: embedding the Instagram widget on the WordPress website.

Keep reading to know more.

What Are Instagram Widget Plugins?

Instagram Widget is a tool that allows users to fetch their preferred Instagram content, curate it and embed it on the website. When you embed the Instagram feed on your website, it opens many possibilities for your brand.

You share something unique with the website visitors that help you stand out among the competitors. Your website gives an engaging experience to the visitors that makes them stay longer, which increases the website dwell time and decreases the number of bounce rates. It sends a positive signal to search engines and improves your SERP ranking.

Top 5 WordPress Instagram Widget Plugins For Your Website

1.   Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is your ideal WordPress plugin for Instagram feed that enables you to seamlessly integrate your preferred Instagram content to your website. You get to easily gather the Instagram content you want with hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, etc. Taggbox Widget brings all the Instagram feeds to the Taggbox Widget dashboard, where you get the moderation & customization feature.

With the moderation feature, you get to filter out the irrelevant or unwanted Instagram feed, basically to choose the kind of post you want to appear on your website. Further, you get the customization feature that comes with many fonts, colors, themes, layouts, and more to ensure that you create vibrant Instagram widgets for your website. Taggbox Widget offers auto-synced Instagram widgets, which means that each time there is a new Instagram post, it will automatically appear on your website, keeping it fresh.

2.   Flockler

Flockler is a smart aggregator tool that allows you to embed the Instagram widget plugins on your website without much of a hassle. You get a 30-day free trial to create a beautiful Instagram widget that blends with your website amazingly.

You can filter the content for your website and customize the unified feed using colors, fonts, banners, and other impressive features that the tool has to offer.

Flockler offers easy integration options and set-up procedures. If you’re looking for a tool to increase website traffic & conversions, then Flockler is the tool for you.

3.   Tagembed

Tagembed is a social media aggregator tool that offers easy social media integration options for the website. It also offers a free Instagram widget plugin for the website. You get to collect your Instagram feed following simple steps. Curate Instagram feed with the customization and moderation feature and generate an embed code that you can paste on the backend of your WordPress website.

Although Tagembed does have the free option, the features it offers with the free version are not that many. If you wish to avail more features, you would have to switch to the paid plan.

4.   SnapWidget

SnapWidget is an easy-to-use tool that facilitates users to collect Instagram feeds via usernames & hashtags. The setup options are quite easy and using them, you can very easily customize your Instagram feed, display it on your website by customizing it as a unified grid, responsive slideshow, or a photo map.

It offers instant updates, but it still takes time for the content to reach the website, its unique designs and layouts manage to captivate the website visitors and improve website engagement.

5.   Instagram’s Embedding Option

Instagram has its embedding option that allows you to embed your preferred Instagram post on your website. All you need is to redirect to the post you would like to embed and, tap on the three dots from the top right corner, which will open the drag-down menu.

From there, you can click on the embed post option, and the embed code will appear on the screen. You can copy and paste this embed code on the backend of your WordPress website, and it will appear on the website. Instagram’s embedding option is free, but the only drawback is that you can only embed one post at a time, and you don’t get any additional customization or moderation features.

Reaching The End

Alas, we reach the end! These were the five best WordPress that you can try out for your brand. We hope that now you have a thorough understanding of the embedding options various these Instagram feed Widgets offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose what’s best for you and get set!

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