How To Start a Sticker Business?

Start by gathering all your materials – stickers, third party printing (if outsourced), shipping. Next is figuring out the logistics behind these aspects: target audience, what type of products or designs you want on each sticker/printing material used in order to deliver it efficiently and with quality. Continue to read to know How To Start a Sticker Business?

Choose Your Sticker

There are so many stickers to choose from. Before we start making your original, creative designs come true there is something you need to know about sticker paper: it comes in a variety of different sizes and colors that will give you more options for filling up the space with fun images or text. The most common size by far is 8 ½ x 11 inches which can fit around 100 average-sized stickers per sheet depending on its thickness (a thinner material may yield less). Now let’s talk about what type of design appeals most to you? Are these going onto cars as bumper stickers, planners, or decorative home décor items? This information should really help narrow down your choices because each category has unique characteristics.

Find Your Audience

To start a sticker business, it is important to find your target audience. If you are selling stickers for school clubs or events, then finding the people who will be signing up on these forms would give you an idea of where to begin marketing.

To get started in starting a sticker company this text suggests that one must first choose their targeted market and create advertisements specifically tailored towards them before sharing with others through various platforms such as social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Make Your Stickers

Now that we’ve figured out how to turn our stickers into actual printed stickers, the next step is figuring out just how exactly one goes about doing this. There are many ways in which you can do it yourself – for me personally I like going with a third-party company and having them print my design rather than printing everything myself.

  • Pick Your Sticker Paper

To start a sticker business, make sure you use high quality sticker paper. There are many different types of stickers to choose from and the number of options can be overwhelming at first glance! You should pick your adhesive material based on how it will be used; examples include magnet materials for refrigerators or vinyl for cars.

To get started with any type of business venture, research is important! If you’re looking into starting up your own personal little corner shop that sells customized products like stickers then there’s nothing more crucial than finding out what kind product works best in this specific case – so look online before making any decisions about which one to buy.

  • Choose Your Printer

If you want to start a sticker business, consider choosing the right printer. Some printers will give your stickers a flimsy feel and others can be too thin that it might tear easily or not stick well on surfaces. In order for customers to have an enjoyable experience with their purchase of your product, they should know what type of quality they’re going to receive from buying from you as opposed to other companies in the marketplace today.

Sell Your Stickers

The art of selling stickers is a fun and easy way to turn your artistic skills into money. You can start this business on websites or even Etsy where you only have to post images of the sticker designs that interest people, so they can order them from you directly.

Market Your Products

In order to get your sticker business off the ground, you need to market it. If people don’t know about your stickers, then they won’t be able to buy them! You can do this by putting up flyers or going door-to-door in a new neighborhood and knocking on doors offering free samples. This will help build awareness of what type of product that you are selling which is essential when starting any kind of small business venture.


How To Start a Sticker Business? With these tips, you have everything you need to get started on your own sticker business. We hope this article has been helpful and we wish you the best of luck with your new venture!

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