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How to Record Screen and Audio Using OBS

How to Record Screen and Audio Using OBS

Screen capturing is of greater importance for students or working professionals. We can record our screen actions to keep a record of them and review them in future. Screen recorder tools can assist you in this regard. There are dozens of screen recording software to choose from. We have briefed you about how to use OBS studio for screening recording in this post. The attractive features of OBS applications will allow you to revisit your PC screen activities. Let’s figure out how to use the OBS screen recorder on Windows 10.



How to Use the OBS Screen Recorder?

OBS Studio is an open-source media recording and streaming tool with limitless abilities. The Open Broadcaster software will provide you with recording and broadcasting options for your on-screen activities. You can video cast your recorded media on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Let us Learn What Makes the OBS Studio the Best Screen Recorder?

The Best Screen Recorder for Windows 10 (OBS Studio) will allow you to transfer visuals using Real-Time Messaging Protocol. You can customize the output video and audio formats while using this tool. AMD video Coding Engine and AAC codec can help you in this regard. You may extract the screen video in comfortable file format as per your requirements.

The video casting ability of the tool will make it widely useful. OBS software can interact with all famous social media platforms. It will allow you to share the recordings online with ease. A single tool for on-screen video recording and online video casting is an attractive feature. This ability of the software makes it famous.




  • Better configuration abilities
  • Customizable and user-friendly interface
  • Better connectivity with the streaming servers
  • Capable of converting and mixing the recorded files
  • Secured and safe to connect with social network accounts online
  • Compatibility with all latest operating systems
  • Studio mode for previewing your recording
  • Better picture-in-picture mode
  • Best Freemium product


  • Frequent updates
  • May lack in operational speed


The OBS Studio is an open-source tool and is free to use. You can also make use of its premium unlimited features and services without any cost.

Features of OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most widely used screen recording software for Windows due to its freemium version that allows basic recording features at no cost. The addictive features of the OBS tool are as given below.


The tool is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can use the software with your latest devices having OS versions later than Windows 8, macOS 10.13, and Linux. The tool can even work on a BDS operating system. The ability of the tool to work with all OS platforms makes it a universal product.

Language Support

The OBS screen can support Multiple languages to cater for users worldwide. You can interact with the tool using 59 different languages. With this ability, people around the world can customize and make use of the software with ease.

User Interface

The OBS software has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Those who don’t know how to use OBS to record screens can learn using the platform within a few minutes. The setup is easy and you can start recording your first video on day one. With the scenes section, you can customize the source for your video. You can get a better recording experience with the aid of Sources, audio mixture, transitions, and control panels available in the user interface.


The performance of the OBS software is extraordinary in capturing the real-time device audio and video. The tool can use multiple sources to obtain the video data. You can even use texts and images to add creativity to your videos.


OBS studio software can provide you with good technical support. The video tutorials available online can assist you in using the tool. All the features of the software are explained in-depth in the form of a video guide offered by the developers.


You can record your screen activities as a collection of scenes using the OBS software. The software will allow you to navigate between the recorded scenes seamlessly. The OBS tool is available with better transition abilities.


OBS screen recorder will allow us to use a wide range of plug-ins to enhance the functionality of the tool. The software plug-ins are available in native dynamic libraries. Add-ons like ‘Wrapper’ will allow us to integrate with streaming platforms.

How to Install and Use OBS Screen Recording Tool?

The OBS studio tool is a no-cost software. Access the home website to download the software for free. Here we go with the tweaks essential for using the screen recording tool.



Step 1: Access the OBS Project Official Website of the tool.

Step 2: Download the free software as per your operating system.

Step 3: Wait for the download to finish.



Step 4: Access the download location and begin the installation.

Step 5: Wait for the completion of the installation proceedings. Configure the settings as per needs.



Step 6: Click on the Plus Icon to add Scenes and different sources as needed. The list will offer you to add display, capture, Audio input, Game Capture, Browser, Image or other sources.





Step 7: Click on the Settings option on the right-hand side bottom and configure the input and output destinations. By default, the streaming and audio/ video settings are configured to the best output.



Step 8: Run the tool to start recording your screen activities. Go through the OBS Windows Forum to learn about all the other how-to issues.

Summing Up

OBS Studio is a screen recording tool integrated with the media casting software as an attractive gadget to use. OBS screen recording software can allow us to record our on-screen activities and stream them online. This article on how to use OBS to record screens has all the basic features, Pros & Cons, and how to use the OBS screen recorder. The limitless abilities of the OBS tools are explained in this post for you. You can make use of these descriptions to enhance your expertise on the gadget. Learn how to use OBS studio for screen recording and create wonderful informative media content.




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