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How to Decorate Kitchen Walls: A Guide

Kitchen Walls

Homeowners all over the globe look for ways to make their houses look more welcoming and stylish. If you are one such person searching for a way to get some fun style into your kitchen, here is a list of alternatives. From woodwork to decal stickers, the options are limitless when it comes to kitchen decor.

This list is by no means exhaustive. You can always mix and match the following ideas to create something unique and eye-catching. The only rule is that you balance fun with the functionality of the kitchen. That’s it.

Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen Space

1.    Shelving

One of the most efficient ways to add some flair to your kitchen area is by incorporating creative shelves. You can start by painting them in bold tones to bring a pop of colour into the space. For kitchens running low on space, you can use risers to form a vertical storage space. Using risers that have a wooden finish, you can bring a vintage vibe to the space. Adding woven baskets to organise the open storage spaces is another great idea to keep things pretty and in order.

2.    Cookware Out in the Open

This is an old trick in the book. If you have utensils that cannot fit in the limited storage space, you can display them on a blank wall with the help of a hanging bar. Doing this can come in handy for those wares that you use often. If you have a kitchen island that looks empty, suspending the pots and pans on a bar above it is another cool idea. Having the cookware out in plain sight gives the kitchen a rustic and industrial look at the same time.

3.    Artwork

A framed painting or two can bring some much-wanted character to your cooking space. Many homeowners pick out illustrations based on the themes of cooking, baking, and dining to spice up the space in their kitchen. If framed artwork seems too much for your tastes, you can always opt for DIY art projects. Maybe you can make a family day out of creating art for the kitchen that you share.

4.    Decal Stickers

Large letterings, quotes, or any image really, you can convert them into decal stickers for your kitchen. You can go for classy and elegant designs, play around with stickers in comic styles, or even memes. Nothing is stopping you from getting your favourite art getting converted to a sticker.

5.    Go Green

If you have enough space to spare in your kitchen, consider adding plants to fill it up. From dainty succulents in cute ceramics to vegetables you can use in your daily meals, some green always does good for any space. You can also go for low trailing plants like ferns to fill up blank areas like the cabinet tops and sides of vertical storage. Ivy, pothos, Ficus, and peace lily are some of the popular varieties of kitchen plants.

Kitchens are not always the first place that people have in mind when they think of decorating. This is why most homeowners are left with lacklustre kitchens by the time they put their homes together.

Choosing an artistic theme and adding elements according to it can make your decoration process easier. In fact, you need not restrict yourself to one style. Go for a futuristic ranch style if you feel you can pull it off.

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