Goa, also known as the haven of sea beaches, is popular for the beautiful view of the sea, the sandy beaches and parties and the amazing nightlife. A wonderful destination for all to spend their vacation, especially the winters. As in the recent past, the main attractions of Goa have become too crowded, so many people longing to find some recluse may find it troublesome at some point of time. Keep your worries at bay as there are some hidden destinations as well where it’s less crowded and you can enjoy spending time on the beaches. This  includes beaches, lakes, waterfalls and even one of the most haunted places in India. The best time to visit Goa is  between November and March due to its clear and pleasant weather.

Let’s list down some such hidden destination to plan our next blissful trip to Goa away from the buzz:

Dona Paula View Point 

A  stunning village in North Goa famous for its Dona Paula Beach and it offers adventurous watersport activities.

It is  named after the erstwhile Portuguese Viceroy, Dona Paula de Menezes’s daughter. She fell in love with a local fisherman and later committed suicide by jumping into the sea because her father disagreed with her love. Photographers would love to visit this place as it’s one of the amazing attractions for them. Apart from this the sunset views are too eye- catching. Hence, It is considered as one of the best places in Goa to enjoy the sunset. It is located 8 km away from Panjim. The ideal time to visit is during the travelling season of Goa that is in the winters and is also open to tourists mostly throughout the year.

The Dona Paula View Point is known for its alluring views.

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

In recent years, the peaceful town of Goa is ruled by party lovers.  Many people also choose to skip it. The Bamanbudo waterfall is one of the hidden gems where you can find total bliss. You can either enjoy a dip or simply admire the beauty of the falls and don’t forget to take snaps of these mighty waterfalls. It is an easily accessible waterfall  as it is located as a sight scene on your way yet it has not gathered much tourist attraction till date.

Arvalem Waterfall

Arvalem Waterfall is a favourite with those who are interested in history. From the town of Bicholim it is located 9 kms away. This place generally says about the pre- historic life of Goa. There’s a story behind this place related to the Pandavas of Mahabharata; it is a hideout for the Pandavas during their exile.

Galgibaga Beach

A must visit destination of Goa though not much known; the beach has earned the title of the ‘cleanest beach in Goa’. The beach has earned its fame as the hatching and nesting place of Olive Ridley Turtles. If you are a nature lover  and enjoy watching some awesome views then this is one of the hidden places to spend your vacation at a deserted beach.

Velsao Beach

Another less explored beach in Goa, is the Velsao Beach. This destination may find a place in your bucket list if you are up for some hidden places in Goa away from all the hustle and bustle. One of the offbeat places worthy to visit owing to its deserted beach, solitary lakes, coconut groves and the gorgeous view of sunset. If you are interested in photography, this destination offers you such a wonderful opportunity by the day as well as the night sky.

Kakolem Beach

Popularly known as the Tiger Beach, you can call it a small paradise. This is difficult to find as it is a tiny little beach. After getting there you will find it certainly worth all the effort. One of the most picturesque hidden places in Goa, the beach is completely abandoned and clean since it doesn’t receive many visitors. It is located close to the Cola village, so you can travel via this spot.

Butterfly Beach

Explore the unexplored!!!  Another unexplored beach is the Butterfly beach. Dense vegetation,  Sea animals and creatures and other species are found in large varieties. You can also find  dolphins and crabs and also the colourful butterflies with their beauty that gave name to the beach.The white-sand beaches and the clear water of the Arabian Sea at the backdrop make for a view filled with tranquility.












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