Happy Dad Seltzer Flavors

Happy Dad Seltzer Flavors

There are many flavors of happy dad seltzer, and your son is sure to find one he’ll love. If you’re unsure of what flavor to choose, read on to learn about some delicious options. You can even make your own drink using flavored seltzer. With the perfect balance of carbonation and electrolytes, it’s the perfect drink for any celebration. But the best part is that it’s not in a skinny can.

Nelk Boys

YouTubers Kyle Forgeard and Stephen’stevewilldoit’ Deleonardis have teamed up to create their own hard seltzer. Happy Dad is being released nationwide this Summer. The two creators have been working on the beverage for the past year. While the official release date has yet to be announced, the YouTubers shared a behind-the-scenes look at the new beverage.

While the alcoholic drink is still in its early stages, the video reveals a behind-the-scenes look at the process. The brewers said that 500 calls are received daily from customers looking to purchase Happy Dad. The alcoholic beverage is available in California and will soon be released in more states. Nelk’s Happy Dad seltzer is expected to become the next big thing in the alcoholic beverages industry.

In addition to bringing the newest product to the market, the NELK Boys are also planning to release the product in other states. In the meantime, fans of the band will be able to find it at stores in California and Nevada. The drink will also be available in Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida. The beverage will be available worldwide in August. The NELK boys have plans to expand to Canada and beyond.


When it comes to summer drinks, nothing beats Happy Dad Seltzer Watermelon. Its sweet, citrusy flavor goes down smooth. Its electrolytes keep you hydrated and gives you a feel-good boost. While the name watermelon might not be immediately recognizable, the taste is refreshing and makes drinking Happy Dad Seltzer Watermelon an ideal summer treat. Its unique blend of pineapple and watermelon makes it the perfect combination of summertime fun.

A YouTube collective known for their boundary-pushing pranks and party animal hijinks, the NELK group is the driving force behind the brand Happy Dad. This hard seltzer beverage, launched this summer, has been a year in the making. The resulting drink, Happy Dad, contains only 100 calories and one gram of sugar, making it the perfect choice for hot summer days.

The California-based company’s hard seltzer is 5% ABV and naturally filtered by limestone. It is made in small batches, which helps maintain quality. The drink also contains electrolytes that are exclusive to Happy Dad, resulting in a perfect balance between carbonation and flavor. It is available in California stores and through the GoPuff app. The company plans to release the product nationwide starting July 1.


If you’re looking for the ultimate summer drink, Happy Dad Seltzer with Pineapple may be just what you’re looking for. Like a grown-up version of Dole Whip, this drink has all the sweetness of an actual pineapple without the extra sugar and line. In the US, Happy Dad Seltzer is legal to drink, but the NELK Boys made it so you can enjoy it as a grown-up too.

NELK, a YouTube channel founded by Nick, Elliot, and Lucas, is behind the drink. The four founders of the NELK YouTube channel have millions of subscribers. The new drink is available in four flavors: pineapple, orange, and mango. Happy Dad Seltzer is made with real pineapple and melon, so the fruit-infused drink tastes amazing. The NELK brand’s goal is to make drinking soda and flavored drinks healthier, so they’ve rebranded as a ‘healthier’ drink.

Another difference between this brand and others is the taste. Happy Dad is naturally flavored and free from sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. It is also a guilt-free refresher that is an excellent alternative to heavier beverages, such as beer and wine. It has the same refreshing effects as an iced coffee or soda, without all the calories. It’s a refreshing alternative to a full-blown summertime beverage.

Lemon Lime

Happy Dad lemon-lime seltzer is now available from Liquor Stars. The beverage is made by Nelk Boys and comes in a 12-pack. Customers can enjoy the refreshing, fruity flavor of lemon-lime with a buttery finish. Happy Dad lemon-lime seltzer is a delicious way to celebrate Father’s Day. The company offers several flavors to choose from. The iced tea comes in a variety of flavors, such as wild cherry, watermelon, and pineapple.

The brand is based in California and will soon be available in all 50 states. It will initially launch in California before expanding to other states. The company has high hopes for Happy Dad to become the “seltzer of the summer” and is aiming to do just that. Compared to its competitors, Happy Dad is much larger in size and comes with a lower carbonation level. The company also touts a healthier formula than some other brands.

As a healthy alternative to commercially prepared sodas, Happy Dad Seltzer is better for you than most other drinks. The brand contains electrolytes and has no sugar or caffeine. It is a favorite among many NELK fans. The drink comes in a variety of flavors and colors, including a variety of flavors. The drink’s refreshing taste is sure to make you forget that you’re drinking soda.


What could be better than a tall glass of happy dad seltzer? It’s flavored, with the perfect balance of carbonation and electrolytes. No need to worry about the skinny can, either. You can enjoy your favorite flavored seltzer with or without ice. But before you drink up, read on to find out how it’s made. And you can’t go wrong with it because it’s good for the whole family.

To make the seltzer, a team of NELK members with experience in the merch business decided to make a video. They filmed the entire process, including the crew’s trip to Monroe, Louisiana, to taste the beer. The video shows the team sipping on the drink and talking about its history. This video explains the company’s decision to create a seltzer that is both unique and affordable.

The new drink was a big hit with NELK fans, who had been camped out the night before the launch. It sold out within minutes of opening. The NELK boys were thrilled at the reception and the reaction from their loyal fans. The team also shared a behind-the-scenes video about their new product, which will soon be available nationwide. It contains 1 gram of sugar and two grams of carbs, but is high in electrolytes.


If you’re not familiar with the Nelk Boys, they are the guys who made the popular prank videos on YouTube. The NELK Boys chose the Minhas Craft Brewery to make their own hard seltzer, and their new video documents the year-long process. It also features the crew’s trip to Monroe, Louisiana, where they sample Happy Dad. Watch the video to see what they thought!

The resulting product is much healthier than its competitors. It contains natural flavors, has low carbonation, and is made with less sugar than some other seltzers. And because it’s made in a non-alcoholic version, it’s a healthier alternative than many other brands. You can find Happy Dad Seltzer in more states than you think, including California, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada.

The fizz and flavor of Happy Dad seltzers vary by brand. They’re naturally flavored, low in calories, and low in sugar, making them a guilt-free refreshment for your summertime parties. You can even enjoy Happy Dad Seltzer as a refreshing substitute for heavier drinks. The flavors are delicious and refreshing! And Happy Dad seltzer can be mixed with cucumber, mint, and basil.

If you’re looking for a hard seltzer with a fruity flavor, Happy Dad is a great choice. It contains real fruit juice and sparkling water. It contains less than 5% alcohol and has just 104 calories per serving. Each glass has only a single gram of sugar. The most popular flavor is the LemonLime. With a tart, yet refreshing flavor, this beverage is a great choice for hot summer days.

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