Effectiveness of Billboards – A Peek into the World of Traditional Advertising


The true essence of evergreen promotion is hidden in the cracks of modern-day advertising techniques.

Maybe you are looking for a traditional yet streamlined approach to enhance brand visibility. So, how do you do that? Enter – Billboard advertising!

Even with the digitization trend, the effectiveness of billboards has solidified its claim in the market. Hence, advertising boards reached over 83% of Australians every month in 2021. They allow you to market your products graphically to make your message heard across the country.

Are you intrigued? Read on to know more.

What is Billboard Advertising?

Essentially billboards are advertising structures that look like large hoardings. These are found in high-traffic locations alongside various highways or roads.

With the help of this advertising technique, you can efficiently market your brand on a larger scale. Besides, you can target pedestrians along with drivers for the sake of brand visibility. Usually, an Australian brand will utilize billboards to build awareness for a new product or service launch.

The process of advertising on these hoardings involves the larger-scale print industry in the country. It will help you create a marketing campaign for your brand and advertise your company everywhere.

Billboards are a traditional form of marketing and do not necessarily utilize digital essentials.

Fun Fact: They will only be placed at higher locations with considerable foot traffic.

How is this Form of Advertising Effective?

Billboard advertising is effective in Australia because it can easily catch people’s attention. Why is that?

It is mainly due to the creative essence embedded in these hoardings. A highly designed billboard will grab anyone’s attention and easily create a memorable impression. Consequently, it also leaves the reader thinking deeply about the advertisement as they walk or drive past the board.

It can geographically market your brand to a targeted audience and ensures your voice is heard. In short, this advertising avenue is beneficial and effective because it:

  • Captivates the audience
  • Enhances brand awareness
  • Creates various opportunities
  • Encompasses versatility in consumer preference
  • Catches the attention

These benefits will help you match the location of your billboard with the niche market you are a part of.

Tips for a Perfect Billboard Design

With the help of large-scale printing, you can invoke awareness about your brand, campaign and product. However, if you do not adhere to the readability aspect, the circulation, demographics, and impressions will be minimal.

Here are some essential tips that you should abide by when designing a billboard advertisement:

  • Always tell a story, but keep it short
  • Keep the billboard simple, but make it bold
  • Consider the geo-specific location
  • Ensure to allow your creative colours to fly
  • Make the advertisement memorable

Follow these techniques to utilize this evergreen form of advertising. But, remember to incorporate all your marketing techniques to reach perfection.

Note: Advertising on billboards can get costly. You could end up spending AU$ 2000 to AU$ 4000 every month.

The Bottom Line

With the help of billboard advertising, your Australian company will reach incredible heights. It can thrive on a local advertisement only if you get the location right. Besides, keep the design simple, interactive and precise.

This way, you can reap all the benefits offered by this technique. Incorporating your advertising and marketing campaigns for billboard advertisements will be wise.

It will help you captivate your audience and enhance brand awareness while presenting versatile opportunities. Is your brand ready for that?

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