Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Trek to World Highest Mountain Peak

Mountain Peak

In Nepal, Everest is very much popular, glamorous and the best destination for trekking. We cannot say that this region is only the best destination to visit and others are not. But this region is better because of its glamour and attractiveness. But while going for trekking in this mountain, there should be some safety measures and precautions to be taken because the route of this trek is so long, difficult and challenging.


If tourists visit Nepal with their concerned budget, it should be high because the Everest Base Camp is expensive as compared to other base camps.

The trail of Everest Base Camp is accessible only by flight and not by road, so the prices of transportation, food items also rise. Like cooked maggi will be of 660 NPR.


The length of the trek also matters to choose which region is better.

Everest Base Camp takes a total 12 days to complete the trek.

Everest Base Camp will increase our expenditure as it takes more days to complete the trek which means stay in a lodge for some more days, food expenses at least three times a day. For visiting the Everest Base Camp, people need to do financial planning which will be in their budget. But this Base camp will provide all the facilities which are required. Everest Base Camp will take more days because of its long route. But for experiencing good things, seeing beautiful scenic views, making beautiful and wonderful memories, we should not see how much duration or length of the trek.


The Himalayan trek, Everest Base Camp is difficult as well as challenging but it will give a mesmerizing experience, beautiful scenic views etc. Trekking in Everest Base Camp will not be done in the remote parts of the Himalayas. While trekking on Everest Base Camp trek route, we can see the beautiful scenic views. Everest Base Camp is harder as well as challenging in comparison with all other treks. This trek requires some of the basic mountaineering skills because without it, It will be too difficult for them to survive there. The mental and physical stability is also very much required for trekking in Everest Base Camp.

The altitude of Everest Base Camp mountain is 8,849 m.


Everest Base Camp has a longer route as compared to all other base camps.

Everest Base Camp route is 150 km.

People have to trek for three different days in Everest Base Camp for seven to eight hours each day. The mind should  be prepared earlier only for long walks of seven to eight hours. Some exercises of walking and running are also required for trekking in this region because the route is so long of Everest Base Camp.

Peak Seasons

The peak seasons for the Everest Base Camp is from end of the month March to middle of the May i.e. spring and autumn season. Everest Base Camp is one of the attractive sites which is covered full of orange and yellow tents. Autumn is much more preferred because the views in this season are very clear and the weather is also good. In the peak seasons, the region is crowded with many people who come here for trekking. And it will be an advantage for those people who are trekking all alone because they can take guidance from other people if they are facing some issues.

There we can find many people who are especially placed in that region for giving guidance to the non-experienced trekkers as well as to the experienced trekkers.


For first-time trekkers or non-experienced trekkers, there is a need for some equipment for trekking in the Himalayas. The packing items of the Everest Base Camp is almost the same as the other base camps such as warm clothes, sleeping bags, mountaineering equipment and in equipment waterproof equipment are most preferred.


Everest Base Camp is good, has beautiful scenic views, is popular etc. But Everest Base Camp as compared to other base camps is friendly and costly and the duration and distance of the Everest Base Camp is also long as compared to other base camps. The transportation costs of Everest Base Camp is also high in comparison with other base camps. If people want their trek to be more friendly and give a mesmerizing experience, then they must visit the Everest Base Camp once in their lifetime.

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