3 Things To Consider When Buying Baby Blankets

Baby Blankets

For the first few months of life, newborns sleep a lot. Most of their time is spent swaddled in a blanket. It is crucial to choose suitable baby blankets to ensure your baby is cozy, comfortable and secure. And most importantly, it should feel soft on your baby’s skin. Blankets are like warm hugs that wrap up the little ones and make them feel safe. Some people prefer using handmade blankets for their babies, while others go for store-bought. Whatever may be your choice, you have a plethora of options.

Besides sewn or crocheted, knitted or quilted variety, there are different types of blankets: thermal blankets, receiving blankets, fleece blankets, afghan blankets, crib blankets, sleep sacks, etc. Over that, you get variety in fabric as well. There are blankets made of cotton, muslin, fleece and cashmere. With so many different options available, it is sometimes difficult to find the best blanket for your baby. To give you a nudge in the right direction, here are a few things that you need to consider when buying a blanket for your newborn. Continue reading!

How Will You Use The Baby Blankets?

What type of blanket will be suitable for your baby entirely depends on how you intend to use it. While muslin blankets are good for swaddling your baby, they are not warm enough. People also use soft wool-like cashmere blankets in the winter months. A thin layered blanket is ideal for summer seasons, but for winters, you would need a multi-layer and a slightly thicker blanket that keeps your baby warm when temperatures drop. So make sure you buy a blanket that is appropriate to the season.

Besides this, as you know, a baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive; it is always recommended to choose lightweight flannel, organic cotton, or hypoallergenic wool of the finest quality that can withstand multiple washes and retain its softness. Plus, it should be a breathable fabric that makes your little one sleep comfortably. Refrain from buying a blanket that is too furry as these furs often come out loose after multiple washes and get into your baby’s nostrils or mouth, causing difficulty in breathing and may lead to choking.

Size, Shape, Colour, Design Of Baby Blankets

Once you have decided which fabric you need, now comes the aesthetic part. When it comes to determining the size of the blanket for your newborn, people often get bewildered. However, you don’t need to! Remember that the blanket you choose should be big enough to keep your baby swaddled but not so big that the size overwhelms them. The standard length of a baby blanket is 45″ by 45″ to 60″. You can use these size blankets for bedding and swaddle your newborn.

That said, kids’ blankets are available in many different designs, colours, and prints. You would not need to struggle to find the one that goes well with your nursery theme. You have various styles and designs. Make sure your design is soft and comfortable for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Safety Reminders

Baby blankets can be even dangerous for your baby if used inappropriately. To ensure the safety of your child, be sure to take the following precautions:

  • Make sure you choose a blanket without any decorative elements or tassels, as they can harm your baby.
  • Once your little one begins to roll, it is time to graduate from the traditional wraps, as they are no longer safe.
  • Never make your baby sleep with the blanket on their crib because it increases the risk of suffocation, SIDS, or strangulation.

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